The Good Guys

Chapter 3


June 7 – June 10

Yash and Liam help Reggie out of his coffin and drive him home. Yash grills the ressurected lawyer as to what had happened to him. Reggie confirms Hannah’s story; she had gone to him to get someting off her chest, delaying his work. He came in early the next day to catch up and “fell asleep”, only to wake up three days later.

Leaving Reggie to nap, Yash and Liam go back to Operon to investigate his office. Reggie didn’t remember leaving a window open…

Waiting for them when they arrive, however, is a cop. He interviews Yash first, then Liam, trying to figure out why they were both at the rest stop shooting the previous night. Suspicious of the both of them, the cop charges Liam with Willful Destruction of Property and Obstruction of Justice, and Yash with Conspiracy to Commit Murder. The cop records his entire conversation for posterity.

Taken to holding cells, Yash calls Reggie. While waiting for him, the two men met Zeek, a young thief who had been at the Penn Gala. Liam befriends the kid after Yash leaves him in the holding cell alone.

Yash catches up on work and missed connection in the aftermath of his paper being published in Nature, and Liam learns a bit more about Zeek. After Reggie bails Liam out, Liam puts up Zeek’s bail as well. Hannah calls Yash, asking him to come to her. He refuses, because he has too much work to do.


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