The Good Guys

Chapter 4

The Walking Dead

June 10-11

Hannah calls Yash again, more insistent. He gets the idea that something might not be right, and stops working on emails to investigate Reggie’s office, as he meant to before.

Meanwhile, Liam hears from his friend, Admiral Kaitlyn Jones. She offers him an out in his legal troubles: bring in the men responsible for the rest stop shooting. Liam recruits Zeek to help and runs the idea past Yash. After some commiseration, they realize Hannah called from the phone Liam had wiped remotely… meaning Hannah was with Riggs and Murtaugh.

Yash stays behind and continues investigating Reggie’s office. On his open window, Yash finds traces of Reggie’s biological material and the Hell Atom. He takes it to the lab and examines the sample, seeing that the Hell Atom has consumed the Reggie matter. Yash injects 10 uL of the pure Hell Atom sample into a test rat. Liam and Zeek drive to Connecticut and find Hannah’s place. Liam waits in the car while Zeek sneaks up to the house. The young man manages to get to the back window unseen before peeking in, seeing the three conspirators inside. He ducks down and Murtaugh slides open the window to chat with him. The older man tells Zeek at gunpoint to get inside. Zeek shoots his hands off. The kid pushes the screaming Murtaugh through the window and slides in, barely getting in the house before Riggs takes a shot at him.

Liam spots Riggs coming up behind him, then the murderer is at his window. He’s shaking, and his eyes are red and bloodshot. Liam fires through his own window. He misses, but the sound alerts Zeek, who comes out of the house and puts two bullets through Riggs’s face, ripping it off. Riggs doesn’t seem to notice. He raises his gun at Zeek and continually fires, but the gun is jammed. Liam runs the dead man over. Zeek takes the gun away and stuffs him in the truck, dubbing him a lizard-man.

Yash meets with Harry Stanton unexpectedly. Harry lets Yash know that he’s read the article in Nature, and that he knows the treatment shouldn’t be possible. Everyone who goes to the Penn Gala has a similar experience. Harry founded Polaris Investments specifically to track these individuals and their projects. However, he was unaware Polaris already had Operon in its portfolio. While he went to clean house, he offered Yash a favor in the future.

Liam drives Zeek, Hannah, the bleeding Murtaugh, and the undead Riggs down to Kaitlyn’s house in New York. On the way, Murtaugh explains that Riggs is really Elijah Emerson, and he’s really Jefferson Fox. They were trying to scam Yash with a ransom. It didn’t work. Kaitlyn sends Jefferson to a hospital after Liam explains everything, then they agree to deliver biological samples to Yash.

Yash checks on his rat, only to discover it’s changed into a quivering mass of flesh (and infected the rats next to it as well). He finds a lab technician, Sarah, who babbled at him for a few minutes before slicing his chest open with a scalpel. Running through the hospital, Yash tried to get help and escape from the crazed woman. She kills a nurse before disappearing. Yash gets assistance from a man outside the hospital, then goes home to heal up. While there, Liam comes back and tells him everything that’s happened. Yash breaks down as he takes samples from Elijah and Kaitlyn, then sends Liam and Zeek to collect the rats. They get to the hospital and see all the cages open, sans rats.


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