The Good Guys

Chapter 5

Through the Portal

June 11-13, Day 1

Liam and Zeek tell Yash the rats are missing. They all go to sleep to recover after a long day, and Yash has nightmares. They fade, and he finds himself talking to a woman calling herself Sheela na gig who seems to know about the threats the world faces. Yash wakes up and researches Sheela na gig, discovering that’s the name given to an Irish fertility goddess. He continues to research Irish folklore.

Zeek and Liam go into the sewers underneath the hospital. (Or, more accurately, Zeek goes into the sewers. Liam stays behind to make sure the grate isn’t closed.) Zeek searches two miles out from the hospital and doesn’t find any signs of the rats, As he returns to Liam, he hears the hacker yelling that there’s something else down there with him. Zeek jogs back. As he reaches the ladder, a giant alligator snaps at his heels. Liam closes the grate and Zeek shoots through the grate at the animal. It dodges two bullets, but the third hits its back. It snarls and slithers back into the water. They leave and return to Yash.

On their way back, Elijah Emerson crawls out of the trunk and into the back seat, fully healed. He demands to know what happened to his finger. They bring him to Yash, who has been using the finger as a biological sample. Yash convinces the irate mercenary to wait for him to finish testing (another 24 hours). Liam secretly calls Kaitlyn and negotiates a rendezvous to arrest Emerson Monday morning.

Yash has a beer. Liam is concerned about his mental stability. Zeek isn’t.

The next night, Yash dreams of Sheela na gig again. She asks if he remembers her, and when they first met. He doesn’t. He wakes up at three in the morning and starts doing more research, but stops when he notices someone in his bedroom. Jerry pulls up a seat and talks to Yash.

Jerry freely admits to being a demon and promises to answer every question truthfully. He says that Sheela na gig caused the portal at the Penn Gala, but the ritual didn’t go quite right. Whatever they were trying to summon, something else came through. And now, because of Yash’s experiments with Evil (what Jerry calls the “Hell Atom”), the world is doomed. The only possible solution lies beyond the portal, in the world Jerry came from. He claims that if Yash and his associates were to go through the portal and bring back concentrated Good, it might counteract the damage done to the world. Yash accepts.

Liam and Zeek accept the offer as well once Yash calls them. Until they arrive, Yash talks to Jerry, collecting as much knowledge about the world they will be visiting as possible. Jerry mentions that once they go through, they will be changed. He takes the three of them to Wharton Hall again where a new portal is open. They step through and find themselves in a very dark, very cold cave. Liam turns on a flashlight and notices two things: a foreign script of flaming symbols hanging in the air in front of him, with one cluster of symbols constantly shifting, and the three of them looking very different, yet the same, simultaneously…


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