The Good Guys

Chapter 8


Day 10 – 33

Mournrysn, Kelron, and Waver are on the road to Dublin to make good use of Waver’s newfound fortune. On the way, Kelron proposes the idea of a state, run by the three of them, funded by Waver, where they could rule more effectively than the humans currently acting as local lords and nobles.

They encounter a massive cat blocking the road. They discover it is acting as a guard against unwelcome visitors to Dublin, claiming it was sent by the Seelie Court. Mournrysn makes the greymalkin Forget that it is supposed to be guarding that specific road, and the three adventurers pass by unmolested. Soon after, a trio of Fomorians call upon Mournrysn to aid them in Fomor.

Kelron and Waver continue to Dublin. While Waver shops for the magical items everyone wanted, Kelron attempts to gain entry to Dublin Castle. He unsuccessfully talks to the guards at the door, and unsuccessfully scales the walls. He is deterred. Once Waver is finished shopping, his face gains him (and Kelron, as an associate) entry. Once inside, they witness a meeting of the entire Seelie Court. A sprite visits Waver and Kelron afterwards and tell them Queen Titania has a mission in mind for them. However, they are tainted and need to rid of their stain before she can use them directly. It is discovered that the stain is the debt to Scathach; the promise itself is bound to their souls.

Kelron finds the Lord of Dublin, an old man, and asks if he could be of any assistance. The Lord sends him on a mission to find a band of orcs just north of the city. Kelron follows the instructions to get to the town mentioned, but finds no orcs. All he sees is a burnt out circle of huts. He exorcises a poltergeist from the largest hut, but doesn’t notice a banshee approaching until it keens in his face and disappears.

Returning to Dublin, Kelron hears bells tolling. Waver and Kelron get back to the Castle and hear that Queen Titania has murdered the Lord of Dublin. Waver becomes invisible and slips into the Castle, leaving Kelron outside. Waver finds the heir to the throne just in time to see Mournrysn come out from the crowd and Deathtouch the heir, killing him. Waver turns visible and asks Mournrysn what’s going on. The Fomorian doesn’t seem to recognize the mage.


Mournrysn travels to Fomor with three cousins of his. They tell him of a plot to destroy Fomor brewing in Dublin, with the Lord of Dublin colluding with the Seelie Court. They plan to send assassins to the meeting and strike them all down at once. Mournrysn’s face will shroud all of the assassins, masking any attempt to catch a single one. Mournrysn doesn’t technically agree to this, but they copy his form and keep him in a luxurious cell for his own protection. He sends an Animal Messenger to Waver telling him to keep out of Dublin, but he discovers the plan failed soon after. The Seelie Court used the Fomorian assault as bait to get a meeting with the Lord of Dublin and kill him. One assassin managed to carry out his duty: that of killing the Lord of Dublin’s son. After a brief altercation with his father over his participation in the plot, Mournrysn leaves and returns above-ground to reunite with his friends.


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