The Good Guys

Chapter 9

Hostile Takeover

Day 33 – 400

Waver quickly realizes that the assassin is not Mournrysn, but some other Fomorian. Kelron calms the crowds outside the castle by assuring justice will be done. Waver receives the real Mournrysn’s Animal Messenger, and gives the message to Liam to decode. The hacker quickly realizes it’s a skip code, telling the adventurers to get out of the city. Waver flies them out along the south road under cover of night before making camp off the main road.

Mournrysn catches up with them by dawn and eagerly tells them his side of the story. They explain what’s happened in Dublin without him, and he agrees that now is the best time for them to seize power if Kelron’s idea of a nation will ever come to pass. The others agree, and a massive crow perched on the tree above them smiles. It calls itself the Morrigan, and blesses their endeavours. This idea will bring war, it says. The nation will be war made flesh. Kelron takes this a good sign.

They walk back to Dublin, Mournrysn veiled, and examine the current power structure of the castle. The vizier Waver saw the previous night is in charge, with Padraig, the captain of the guard, as his second. Also critical are the head of the treasury, Som Goldenberg, and the emissary to the Seelie Court, who is nowhere to be found. One by one, each is convinced (or threatened) to cede power to the adventurers.

Waver is crowned Lord of Dublin as a temporary action to .alleviate the city’s troubles. Kelron and Mournrysn are placed in high levels of the government and begin to reform the city’s governmental power structures to expand.

One year passes…


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