Harry Stanton

Cartel Santa


A very large older man, his jaw is covered with a thick white beard. He works with Cortez and knows Liam personally. He has attended the Penn Gala for almost a decade as an invited guest, and another fifteen years before that as Cortez’s plus-one.

He met Yash at the Gala and arranged an investment opportunity in Operon. After Yash met with Liam and learned of Stanton’s affiliations to the cartel, he delicately cut off business ties with the gentleman.

Harry came back to Operon later to chat with Yash about his paper. During the discussion, Harry revealed that he owned Polaris Investments but was unaware Operon was funded by it. Also, he is researching people who have gone from the Penn Gala to do great things; Polaris was created to keep track of these people whose dreams came true.

Harry appears to have significant rage issues.

Harry Stanton

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