Elijah Emerson and Jefferson Fox



“Riggs and Murtaugh” pretended to be police officers (and paramedics) while they helped Hannah Winters escape from Operon Technologies after the death of Reggie Sanderson. The three of them used a green 1998 Honda Civic to get to Connecticut. Liam Desgones and Yash Patel followed them by tracking Hannah’s phone, and reported their car to the police for having a missing license plate. The Civic pulled into a rest stop and the men left Hannah alone while they went inside. The police arrived as they came out, and they killed the cop before driving away. Hannah exited the vehicle after their tire blew, but left her phone with “Riggs”. Two hours later, Liam remotely wiped the phone after Hannah revealed they had been working for her.

Later, they held Hannah hostage at her house, trying to extort Yash. Liam and Zeek saved her, maiming “Murtaugh’s” hands and killing “Riggs” in the process. “Riggs” didn’t die, however, and has continued walking around without a face.

Elijah Emerson and Jefferson Fox

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