The Good Guys

Chapter 10

The Bank Returns

Day 401

A meeting of the full Supreme Council convenes to discuss Mournrysn’s new Grand Charter of Dublin. It is accepted unanimously after some slight edits from Kelron regarding the government’s powers during war.

Later, during a Small Council meeting, Liam brings up what he’s found during his research: Scathach belongs to a small group of very powerful individuals who brought own the Fomorians when they were the dominant force on the continent. The other legends are Cu Chulainn, Emer, Fionn Mac Cumhaill, Oisin, Aoife, and Deirdre. These people are likely Good, or at least know where Good is. Kelron also has news. Officials from the Bank are visiting Dublin to return Waver’s guns.

The dinner goes well. The Bank offers the guns immediately and sits to enjoy the scrumptious meal offered. Yash recognizes the head of the Bank as Peter Gabriel. They chat about the Bank, Dublin’s progress, and the economy of the continent, before Yash breaks and asks about Earth and Good. ‘Peter Gabriel’ reveals he’s Oisin, the Poet, and learns about everything that’s happened on Earth since he left. He recommends Cu Chulainn and Fionn Mac Cumhaill as legends who could help.

After dinner, Waver returns to his chambers to check the guns. He finds the elven lady he met at the Bank swaddling a baby in his bed. He quickly realizes she’s charmed, and attempts to Dispell the magic. The girl, who introduced herself as Miranda, throws the baby at Waver. Kelron catches the baby and protects it while the lady tries to crash through the window to escape. She fails, and Waver finishes Dispelling the Enslavement. The girl reintroduces herself as Amaya and claims she doesn’t remember anything since getting hired at the Bank. Waver also Dispells an Enslavement cast upon the child.

Waver opens the chest (which is protected from scrying) and picks up the rifle. Zeek emerges after more than a year, and he’s very hungry…


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