The Good Guys

Chapter 11

Queen Mab

Day 401 – 434

Zeek immediately readies Waver’s high-tech sniper rifle. Mournrysn and Kelron question him, still believing that Waver is in control. When it becomes clear that he isn’t, Kelron grabs the gun and tries to pull it out of Zeek’s hands. Mournrysn attempts to Apportate the rifle away, but Zeek holds on. Zeek shoots Kelron in the chest, knocking him down. The god lets Amaya’s baby go and starts bleeding out. Mournrysn successfully Apportates the rifle away, and Waver wrests control of his body back. Amaya ran with her baby, and the Fomorian catches up to her and calms her down. They put her to bed with the baby. Waver has the guns transported to Mournrysn’s chambers. Kelron notices his heart was ripped out by the gunshot after Waver heals him, so he puts it in a jar of dirt in his room.

Over the next month, Waver and Mournrysn get to know Amaya. Kelron and Yash interrogate her to see what she knows and if she’s telling the truth (she is). She doesn’t know anything about Miranda, Prospero, Shakespeare, or Earth. Mournrysn leads several Supreme Council meetings in expanding the King’s power, and Kelron receives reports from Foreign Affairs about Dublin’s international standing. Kelron sends a small contingent of four hundred volunteers to help the Elven campaign against the undead.

Queen Mab of the Unseelie Court formally visits Waver. She informs him of Titania’s brewing war with him and likely plans of regicide. She offers an explanation that Titania is primarily concerned with who Waver is keeping in his dungeon. Mab offers to tell him where the dungeon is and who is kept inside for a price: the heart of a God. When he asks what she needs one for, she offers to tell him for one-third of his debt to Scathach. He declines both offers, but Mab still advises a formal joint declaration of war against the Seelie Court before Titania can strike.

Mournrysn tears apart the Foreign Affairs office for not learning about the war while Waver and Kelron call up the spirit of the old Lord of Dublin. He doesn’t know about any dungeon, and it takes Yash’s research skills to find references to a White Pit and Red Pit. As he discovers with the others, these are ancient wine cellars underneath Castle Dublin. Below the Red Pit, however, is the Black Pit, a dungeon that holds thirty-two prisoners without any light, and with very occasional food and water. Thirty-one prisoners are starving and near-dead. One is healthy.


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