The Good Guys

Chapter 13

Scathach Returns

Day 436 – 440

Mournrysn immediately draws up the Royal Edict for Emergency Powers, which would declare a “Status of Emergency” in Dublin and revoke many of the civil rights Dublin citizens have enjoyed under Waver’s regime. Waver and Kelron both have their concerns about the document, and, even after several amendments, Waver feels uncomfortable signing the Edict into law. Waver requests information regarding the dynamite supply depots and their staff that day, and Mournrysn begins analyzing the trade routes between the depots, looking for any sign of conspiracy. Additionally, Mournrysn’s spies report that there are rumblings in the slaving community.

The next day, Mournrysn talks to Amaya, trying to eke out any information she might have about Children of Earth after Fionn Mac Cumhaill confirmed she was one herself. The girl knew little more than Mournrysn, though. Waver’s report arrived, and he found that off the 2,500 staff of the Royal Mining Company, 300 did not show up the day of the bombing. After ruling out individuals who were on leave for injuries sustained on the job and paid sick or vacation time, 14 were left unaccounted for.

Mournrysn received his report the next day. Two wagons caught his attention. One had been robbed on the highway, with bandits absconding with everything except the explosives, since they did not have a clear idea of what the technology might be. The other wagon was signed in with about 90 sticks more dynamite than that depot’s inventory show. The driver and clerk for that wagon were Keegan Murdoch and Brendan Conley, respectively. Mournrysn also receives a report that a diplomatic delegation from Kilkenny is on the road, and would arrive the next day.

While his spies discretely locate Brendan Conley’s cottage, the small council prepares for the delegation to arrive. When they do, they ask for a sea trade route through Dublin’s waters to support the Lady Aoife and her army of Undead. As compensation, they offer 600 battle mages with the stipulation that they not be used against the Undead army. Mournrysn flatly refuses. His counteroffer for the trade route is the abolition of the international slave trade, Dublin military outposts at Kilkenny’s ports and borders to enforce it, and bimonthly shipments of food large enough to feed 5,000 people. Kilkenny cannot afford that, and quietly flee in terror of the Fomorian.

After Kilkenny departs, Scathach appears behind Mournrysn and greets the group cordially. She is ready to offer them the first task: retrieve the famed gem called the Dragon’s Eye. It is a diamond with an impurity at the center that changes color depending on the facet the viewer is looking at. The colors shift from red, to black, to blue, to green, to white; the colors of the dragons. The gem is the centerpiece of the largest dragon hoard in Mithryn, and it is rumoured to either attract gold to it or create gold around it; either way, any hoard that includes it grows larger. The adventurers accept Scathach’s challenge.

Kelron leads Waver and Mournrysn to Brendan Conley’s cottage. His first instinct is to kick the door down, but thinks better of it. He allows Mournrysn time to scout it out with his Wizard’s Eye. The mage discovers dynamite bundles inside, eight sticks wired to the door, a sleeping Conley, and a locked basement door. As Kelron is figuring out a way to get inside without setting off the explosive trap, Waver loses control and Zeek comes forth.


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