The Good Guys

Chapter 15
Puck is Stuck

Day 440 – 442

Puck draws the party together in the basement and admits his allegiance to the Lady Dierdre. The party feels weaker as Scathach’s oath takes hold. Waver asks how many other Legends Puck knows, accidentally mentioning Dublin’s possession of Fionn Mac Cumhaill. Puck pops away, and Waver teleports back to Dublin Castle with Kelron. Mournrysn teleports separately, picking up Yaric on the way. Waver goes to the Black Pit and is ambushed by Puck. The faerie crushes the king’s windpipe, preventing him from speaking. Kelron tries to smash Puck, but misses and loses his balance. Puck attacks again, but Waver dodges away and scolds the faerie. Puck pops away again.
Waver ensures Fionn’s safety before Mournrysn offers to make a binding circle. It’s a risky proposition, since the only circle he knows how to build is meant for demon summoning, but it should hold a faerie easily. Waver approves, and Mournrysn gets to work. Scathach’s oath takes hold once more.
Fionn tells them the Dragon’s Eye is in the Dragon’s Head. Waver takes umbrage with this, but gets his sniper rifle anyway. After checking to make sure the circle works (it binds Puck easily), Waver teleports away. As Kelron and Mournrysn teleport, Mournrysn feels something much more powerful enter his circle…
And Waver does not arrive at his intended location. Instead, he stumbles over a massive pile of shining jewels shifting under his feet…

Chapter 14
The Cabin in the Woods

Day 440

Zeek sneaks up to the cabin and effortlessly cuts a circle in the glass window, giving the cut-out to Kelron to hold. Mournrysn tries to get his king’s attention, but Waver doesn’t respond. Zeek hops up through the window and into Brendan Conley’s cottage. Mournrysn rushes up to the window to keep watch while Kelron sets the glass circle down in the woods. The Fomorian spots a hidden tripwire, and loudly warns Zeek about it.

Zeek stops himself just in time, but Mournrysn’s warning wakes the sleeping Conley. Before he can get out of bed, Zeek is on him. The thief slices the terrorist’s throat open as Mournrysn clambers in through the window. While Conley bleeds out, Zeek goes back to sleep and Waver is dazed for a moment. Mournrysn takes the opportunity to warn him about the wire and bundle the dynamite outside the cottage.

Mournrysn Creates Water inside the cottage as a fine mist, soaking the dynamite strapped to the front door, allowing Kelron free access. The god confidently strides over to the basement door as the wizards group themselves around Conley’s body. Mournrysn Summons Conley’s Spirit to ask him a few questions. The shade says he was working for the Lady Aoife to destroy Dublin. Mournrysn dismisses him.

Kelron stabs the basement door with his greatsword to try and disarm any traps. When he removes his sword, a piercing beam of necrotic energy slices through his armor, his body, and the walls of the cottage. Waver Reflects the spell, giving Kelron time to move to safety. Once everyone is out of range, Mournrysn Apportates the doorknob and swings open the door.

The necrotic blast levels most of the cottage and the surrounding forest in a fifty foot cone originating from the door.

After Waver makes sure the basement is safe to enter, the trio make their way down the stairs. Mournrysn notices that, excepting them, there is nothing alive down there. In the center of the room lies a large stone sarcophagus. Kelron opens it after Mournrysn heads back upstairs as a lookout.

Mournrysn sees a Dullahan appear before him, but it quickly rides away into the night. Down below, Kelron and Waver are greeted by a funny looking little creature in the tomb calling himself Puck.

Chapter 13
Scathach Returns

Day 436 – 440

Mournrysn immediately draws up the Royal Edict for Emergency Powers, which would declare a “Status of Emergency” in Dublin and revoke many of the civil rights Dublin citizens have enjoyed under Waver’s regime. Waver and Kelron both have their concerns about the document, and, even after several amendments, Waver feels uncomfortable signing the Edict into law. Waver requests information regarding the dynamite supply depots and their staff that day, and Mournrysn begins analyzing the trade routes between the depots, looking for any sign of conspiracy. Additionally, Mournrysn’s spies report that there are rumblings in the slaving community.

The next day, Mournrysn talks to Amaya, trying to eke out any information she might have about Children of Earth after Fionn Mac Cumhaill confirmed she was one herself. The girl knew little more than Mournrysn, though. Waver’s report arrived, and he found that off the 2,500 staff of the Royal Mining Company, 300 did not show up the day of the bombing. After ruling out individuals who were on leave for injuries sustained on the job and paid sick or vacation time, 14 were left unaccounted for.

Mournrysn received his report the next day. Two wagons caught his attention. One had been robbed on the highway, with bandits absconding with everything except the explosives, since they did not have a clear idea of what the technology might be. The other wagon was signed in with about 90 sticks more dynamite than that depot’s inventory show. The driver and clerk for that wagon were Keegan Murdoch and Brendan Conley, respectively. Mournrysn also receives a report that a diplomatic delegation from Kilkenny is on the road, and would arrive the next day.

While his spies discretely locate Brendan Conley’s cottage, the small council prepares for the delegation to arrive. When they do, they ask for a sea trade route through Dublin’s waters to support the Lady Aoife and her army of Undead. As compensation, they offer 600 battle mages with the stipulation that they not be used against the Undead army. Mournrysn flatly refuses. His counteroffer for the trade route is the abolition of the international slave trade, Dublin military outposts at Kilkenny’s ports and borders to enforce it, and bimonthly shipments of food large enough to feed 5,000 people. Kilkenny cannot afford that, and quietly flee in terror of the Fomorian.

After Kilkenny departs, Scathach appears behind Mournrysn and greets the group cordially. She is ready to offer them the first task: retrieve the famed gem called the Dragon’s Eye. It is a diamond with an impurity at the center that changes color depending on the facet the viewer is looking at. The colors shift from red, to black, to blue, to green, to white; the colors of the dragons. The gem is the centerpiece of the largest dragon hoard in Mithryn, and it is rumoured to either attract gold to it or create gold around it; either way, any hoard that includes it grows larger. The adventurers accept Scathach’s challenge.

Kelron leads Waver and Mournrysn to Brendan Conley’s cottage. His first instinct is to kick the door down, but thinks better of it. He allows Mournrysn time to scout it out with his Wizard’s Eye. The mage discovers dynamite bundles inside, eight sticks wired to the door, a sleeping Conley, and a locked basement door. As Kelron is figuring out a way to get inside without setting off the explosive trap, Waver loses control and Zeek comes forth.

Chapter 12

Day 435 – 436

The prisoner reveals himself as Fionn Mac Cumhail, ancient Legend of Mithryn. This is the man who nearly single-handedly brought down the great Fomorian Empire, and he seems to be imprisoned by simple Dublin irons.

Yash recalls that Fionn could know anything he wished as long as he knew what question to ask. Using this, the group asks Fionn a small litany of questions to try and understand what’s been going on. The Legend feeds on surrounding humanoids’ life essences; he enjoys being in Dublin; Titania wants his power, which she intends to gain by mating with him; “Miranda” was sent to infiltrate Waver’s court by Permathrax, a dragon working for the Sylvan Bank. Mournrysn is sent away to keep Mac Cumhail talking, his distaste for the Fomorian evident. Liam asks where CC is, and Fionn offers to tell him in exchange for the answer to a question he finds he can’t answer: how to get to Earth.

Royal medics arrive to take care of the sickly prisoners, but don’t seem to notice Fionn chained up. The three convene a small council meeting to discuss defensive measures in light of the impending Seelie incursion. During which, however, an explosion rocks the city. It originated in the combat wing of Waver’s University, but Waver quickly determines it was not a magical accident. Mournrysn admits he used some of Yash’s advanced chemical knowledge to create dynamite for the Royal Mining Company. With that in mind, the government sets about defending Dublin’s borders and protecting its citizenry from internal attacks.

Chapter 11
Queen Mab

Day 401 – 434

Zeek immediately readies Waver’s high-tech sniper rifle. Mournrysn and Kelron question him, still believing that Waver is in control. When it becomes clear that he isn’t, Kelron grabs the gun and tries to pull it out of Zeek’s hands. Mournrysn attempts to Apportate the rifle away, but Zeek holds on. Zeek shoots Kelron in the chest, knocking him down. The god lets Amaya’s baby go and starts bleeding out. Mournrysn successfully Apportates the rifle away, and Waver wrests control of his body back. Amaya ran with her baby, and the Fomorian catches up to her and calms her down. They put her to bed with the baby. Waver has the guns transported to Mournrysn’s chambers. Kelron notices his heart was ripped out by the gunshot after Waver heals him, so he puts it in a jar of dirt in his room.

Over the next month, Waver and Mournrysn get to know Amaya. Kelron and Yash interrogate her to see what she knows and if she’s telling the truth (she is). She doesn’t know anything about Miranda, Prospero, Shakespeare, or Earth. Mournrysn leads several Supreme Council meetings in expanding the King’s power, and Kelron receives reports from Foreign Affairs about Dublin’s international standing. Kelron sends a small contingent of four hundred volunteers to help the Elven campaign against the undead.

Queen Mab of the Unseelie Court formally visits Waver. She informs him of Titania’s brewing war with him and likely plans of regicide. She offers an explanation that Titania is primarily concerned with who Waver is keeping in his dungeon. Mab offers to tell him where the dungeon is and who is kept inside for a price: the heart of a God. When he asks what she needs one for, she offers to tell him for one-third of his debt to Scathach. He declines both offers, but Mab still advises a formal joint declaration of war against the Seelie Court before Titania can strike.

Mournrysn tears apart the Foreign Affairs office for not learning about the war while Waver and Kelron call up the spirit of the old Lord of Dublin. He doesn’t know about any dungeon, and it takes Yash’s research skills to find references to a White Pit and Red Pit. As he discovers with the others, these are ancient wine cellars underneath Castle Dublin. Below the Red Pit, however, is the Black Pit, a dungeon that holds thirty-two prisoners without any light, and with very occasional food and water. Thirty-one prisoners are starving and near-dead. One is healthy.

Chapter 10
The Bank Returns

Day 401

A meeting of the full Supreme Council convenes to discuss Mournrysn’s new Grand Charter of Dublin. It is accepted unanimously after some slight edits from Kelron regarding the government’s powers during war.

Later, during a Small Council meeting, Liam brings up what he’s found during his research: Scathach belongs to a small group of very powerful individuals who brought own the Fomorians when they were the dominant force on the continent. The other legends are Cu Chulainn, Emer, Fionn Mac Cumhaill, Oisin, Aoife, and Deirdre. These people are likely Good, or at least know where Good is. Kelron also has news. Officials from the Bank are visiting Dublin to return Waver’s guns.

The dinner goes well. The Bank offers the guns immediately and sits to enjoy the scrumptious meal offered. Yash recognizes the head of the Bank as Peter Gabriel. They chat about the Bank, Dublin’s progress, and the economy of the continent, before Yash breaks and asks about Earth and Good. ‘Peter Gabriel’ reveals he’s Oisin, the Poet, and learns about everything that’s happened on Earth since he left. He recommends Cu Chulainn and Fionn Mac Cumhaill as legends who could help.

After dinner, Waver returns to his chambers to check the guns. He finds the elven lady he met at the Bank swaddling a baby in his bed. He quickly realizes she’s charmed, and attempts to Dispell the magic. The girl, who introduced herself as Miranda, throws the baby at Waver. Kelron catches the baby and protects it while the lady tries to crash through the window to escape. She fails, and Waver finishes Dispelling the Enslavement. The girl reintroduces herself as Amaya and claims she doesn’t remember anything since getting hired at the Bank. Waver also Dispells an Enslavement cast upon the child.

Waver opens the chest (which is protected from scrying) and picks up the rifle. Zeek emerges after more than a year, and he’s very hungry…

Chapter 9
Hostile Takeover

Day 33 – 400

Waver quickly realizes that the assassin is not Mournrysn, but some other Fomorian. Kelron calms the crowds outside the castle by assuring justice will be done. Waver receives the real Mournrysn’s Animal Messenger, and gives the message to Liam to decode. The hacker quickly realizes it’s a skip code, telling the adventurers to get out of the city. Waver flies them out along the south road under cover of night before making camp off the main road.

Mournrysn catches up with them by dawn and eagerly tells them his side of the story. They explain what’s happened in Dublin without him, and he agrees that now is the best time for them to seize power if Kelron’s idea of a nation will ever come to pass. The others agree, and a massive crow perched on the tree above them smiles. It calls itself the Morrigan, and blesses their endeavours. This idea will bring war, it says. The nation will be war made flesh. Kelron takes this a good sign.

They walk back to Dublin, Mournrysn veiled, and examine the current power structure of the castle. The vizier Waver saw the previous night is in charge, with Padraig, the captain of the guard, as his second. Also critical are the head of the treasury, Som Goldenberg, and the emissary to the Seelie Court, who is nowhere to be found. One by one, each is convinced (or threatened) to cede power to the adventurers.

Waver is crowned Lord of Dublin as a temporary action to .alleviate the city’s troubles. Kelron and Mournrysn are placed in high levels of the government and begin to reform the city’s governmental power structures to expand.

One year passes…

Chapter 8

Day 10 – 33

Mournrysn, Kelron, and Waver are on the road to Dublin to make good use of Waver’s newfound fortune. On the way, Kelron proposes the idea of a state, run by the three of them, funded by Waver, where they could rule more effectively than the humans currently acting as local lords and nobles.

They encounter a massive cat blocking the road. They discover it is acting as a guard against unwelcome visitors to Dublin, claiming it was sent by the Seelie Court. Mournrysn makes the greymalkin Forget that it is supposed to be guarding that specific road, and the three adventurers pass by unmolested. Soon after, a trio of Fomorians call upon Mournrysn to aid them in Fomor.

Kelron and Waver continue to Dublin. While Waver shops for the magical items everyone wanted, Kelron attempts to gain entry to Dublin Castle. He unsuccessfully talks to the guards at the door, and unsuccessfully scales the walls. He is deterred. Once Waver is finished shopping, his face gains him (and Kelron, as an associate) entry. Once inside, they witness a meeting of the entire Seelie Court. A sprite visits Waver and Kelron afterwards and tell them Queen Titania has a mission in mind for them. However, they are tainted and need to rid of their stain before she can use them directly. It is discovered that the stain is the debt to Scathach; the promise itself is bound to their souls.

Kelron finds the Lord of Dublin, an old man, and asks if he could be of any assistance. The Lord sends him on a mission to find a band of orcs just north of the city. Kelron follows the instructions to get to the town mentioned, but finds no orcs. All he sees is a burnt out circle of huts. He exorcises a poltergeist from the largest hut, but doesn’t notice a banshee approaching until it keens in his face and disappears.

Returning to Dublin, Kelron hears bells tolling. Waver and Kelron get back to the Castle and hear that Queen Titania has murdered the Lord of Dublin. Waver becomes invisible and slips into the Castle, leaving Kelron outside. Waver finds the heir to the throne just in time to see Mournrysn come out from the crowd and Deathtouch the heir, killing him. Waver turns visible and asks Mournrysn what’s going on. The Fomorian doesn’t seem to recognize the mage.


Mournrysn travels to Fomor with three cousins of his. They tell him of a plot to destroy Fomor brewing in Dublin, with the Lord of Dublin colluding with the Seelie Court. They plan to send assassins to the meeting and strike them all down at once. Mournrysn’s face will shroud all of the assassins, masking any attempt to catch a single one. Mournrysn doesn’t technically agree to this, but they copy his form and keep him in a luxurious cell for his own protection. He sends an Animal Messenger to Waver telling him to keep out of Dublin, but he discovers the plan failed soon after. The Seelie Court used the Fomorian assault as bait to get a meeting with the Lord of Dublin and kill him. One assassin managed to carry out his duty: that of killing the Lord of Dublin’s son. After a brief altercation with his father over his participation in the plot, Mournrysn leaves and returns above-ground to reunite with his friends.

Chapter 7
The Sylvan Bank

Day 2 – 9

Before leaving Winterhaven, the group buys three large horses, spending most of their earnings from the keep’s treasure room (4,000 gold). They are left with a few gold pieces, two gems, and the crown.

On the road to the Sylvan Bank, Mournrysn, Kelron, and Waver are stopped by a small man. Waver talks with him for a while before realizing they’ve been surrounded. As the little guy runs away, Waver kills him with a fireball to the head. Mournrysn raises a circle of fire to protect them.

They are surrounded by six sickly humans who come out of the woods. They are followed by a beautiful red-headed warrior woman, Scathach, who demands a parlay with Mournrysn. She is upset that he killed her kin, Duke Halfhearst, by betraying him during parlay. Kelron recognizes her and tries to Turn her, to no effect. Mournrysn dismounts and dispels his fire. Yash tries to assert himself, but the warrior woman sees his effort and pushes him back. Scathach scolds him for his behavior, claiming he should have known better as a Fomorian. He tries to dissemble, blaming his education and poor judgment. She responds by threatening to burn House Calfryn down, if they are so uncivilized. Mournrysn shifts the blame back to himself, and Scathach happily adds his own life to the debt. Waver steps in, asking if he wouldn’t make a better slave than a corpse. Scathach agrees, changing the deal to merely killing House Calfryn and taking Mournrysn as her slave for three hundred years. Kelron tells her to stop.

Scathach looks at Kelron and tells him he has no business here. He offers a counterproposal: the three of them, as a group, would serve her faithfully and she would leave Mournrysn and his family unmolested. Scathach agrees, telling them that they would owe her three tasks. A messenger would arrive to deliver each task, and they could not avail themselves of anything she asked. She smiles widely, revealing inhuman teeth, and lays down her weapons. Mournrysn does the same, and they shake. She Withers the Fomorian’s hand and disappears, her retinue following suit.

The next day, they arrive at a roadside inn. Several treasure caravans are stabled there, but all are guarded. Inside, Waver scouts out a wealthy Elven prince deep in his cups. Charming as ever, the mage successfully sells his sapphire to the prince for 1,000 gold and joins him for another round of mead. Mournrysn sells Kelron’s emerald for 1,500 gold, taking a modest cut of the profit. The three of them drink with the prince for a while before taking their leave.

Once at the Sylvan Bank, the adventurers prepare for the security in the front lobby. All weapons and magical items must be kept in the lobby under guard, and any magical items being appraised must be sealed until appraised. Kelron and Mournrysn pass through safely, though Mournrysn’s energy is drained. Waver gets called into another room.

Without Waver, Mournrysn takes the crown to be appraised and sells it for 310,977 gold, investing the sum in several programs the Bank offers. Waver, meanwhile, is asked to sell his guns for any price he wants. He says fifty million gold, and they give him one hundred fifty million, delivered in a small cart of Bags of Holding. The bank supervisor assisting him loads the guns individually before taking them.

Mournrysn quickly invests Waver’s new fortune, setting himself up as Waver’s broker (and taking a meager 1% brokerage fee). Once they are financially secured, the trio heads back east to Dublin, much richer than they were the day before.

Chapter 6
The Vampire and the Skull

Day 1

Yash reads the floating script easily, and tells Liam and Zeek that it says “Those who read these words: BEWARE. Only death waits for [you / ”/characters/kelron" class=“wiki-content-link”>Kelron / Waver / Mournrysn]."

Memories flood back, and Kelron, Waver, and Mournrysn shake off the strange feeling that had come over them. They’re on the hunt for vampires, and they’re in the cave system below an infested keep. They make their way through the caves and enter the keep’s dungeon. In the dungeon, the trio hear rats skittering in the cells. Kelron burns his hand reaching for a torch, and Mournrysn creates a ring of fire around them. Rats fling themselves against the flames before backing away… though they all stare at Mournrysn. Waver lets off an explosive fireball and crisps about half the surviving rats (as well as an imprisoned human thrall). The rats scatter after that.

While Waver investigates the thrall’s corpse, Kelron notices a skeleton chained up in a cell. Chained to the ceiling… and still skeleton-shaped. He smashes the pelvis with his warhammer, destroying the bottom half of the skeleton. The skeleton scolds the paladin.

Morunrysn approaches and starts talking to the skeleton, who names himself Lord Yaric the Great. Mournrysn plucks the skull off and carries it around as Yaric asks about events in the world since his death. Kelron realizes Yaric is not an animated skeleton, but a shade using his bones as a focal point of spiritual energy. Yaric offers a bounty of twenty silver to whomever purges the most vampires from his keep. Liam comes to his sense and starts talking with Waver and Mournrysn, explaining the situation as he sees it before Kelron reasserts himself.

Mournrysn falls into a trapdoor pit, with spikes on the bottom and grease on the walls. Kelron runs to help but ends up falling into the pit on top of the Fomorian. Mournrysn dispels the magical grease on the pit and lets Kelron carry him out. The three of them walk through the keep, guided by Yaric’s directions. At the top of the keep, they encounter a thick steel door blocking off the throne room. Waver burns through the lock and the door swings open to reveal a vampire sitting on a throne. Around him, seven beautiful women lay sleeping on the floor. Waver immediately hits the vampire with a bolt of fire. It burns his clothes away, but the vampire is untouched. He laughs and commands Kelron to stop in his tracks. He stands up and approaches Mournrysn, introducing himself as Duke Halfhearst. The Duke explains calmly that the three adventurers are trespassing in his duchy, but he is willing to parlay with them. Mournrysn shakes the Duke’s hand, withering his arm. The Duke takes a significant chomp out of Mournrysn’s throat.

Kelron takes the opportunity to Turn the vampire, and Duke Halfhearst retreats back to the throne, weakened. Waver tries another bolt of fire, this one passing through the shield the Duke had raised. It immolates the vampire completely. The women wake up, and the adventurers loot the throne room. Waver heals Mournrysn.

Each one loots 500 gold pieces and one precious gem, and they find a jeweled crown with an enchantment of bravery placed on it, worth about 300,000 gold. They take the girls back to Winterhaven and recuperate. They spend a few days in town before setting out to collect Yaric’s bounty at the Sylvan Bank.


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