The Stories So Far

The Penn Gala

Chocolate “Jerry” AdonisHannah says he isn’t scary, but his friends are. He helped open a “portal to someplace else”, in her words.

Hell Atom – 666 Daltons, no electrons, looks like a pentagram, incredible bonding power, found inside Liam and Yash after the party. Yash is convinced the Gala was supernatural because of this substance.

The Red Air

The Rooms – Zeek saw insane scenes of violence and debauchery. Several prominent politicians were involved.

Yash and Operon

Nature – His study has been published to wide acclaim.

Cartel – Yash reneged on a deal he made with Harry Stanton. Harry returned to Operon later and revealed that he owns Polaris, and is looking into the strange happenings in the aftermath of the Penn Gala.

The Monkey House

Legal Troubles – The Catholic Church of America has filed numerous suits against Operon.

Crime – Because of his proximity to the rest stop shooting, Yash has been charged with Conspiracy to Commit Murder. He is fighting the charge with Reggie and avoiding any link to Hannah. His bail has been posted.

The Rats – Yash injected a rat with 10uL of pure Hell Atom. Within six hours, the rat (and two nearby rats) had died and been transformed into something else. The lab tech watching over them was driven insane and tried to kill Yash with a scalpel.

Hannah and Reggie

Reggie’s Window – Open when he was found dead. He claimed he never opened it. It was covered in trace amounts of Hell Atom

Reggie – Back from the dead after three days. Hannah claims she saw a demon kill him. Before he died, he says Hannah came to him to confess something about Operon, interrupting his work. He came in early the next day to catch up, knowing he would need to leave early for an appointment.

Hannah – With Yash. Liam and Zeek rescued her from her place in Connecticut.

Riggs and Murtaugh – Real names are Elijah Emerson and Jefferson Fox. Emerson is dead but walking around, puking up blood in the back of Liam’s car. Fox is at the hospital, being treated for multiple gunshot wounds.


CC – His wife is missing! Her father still assigned protection details to her after his incarceration.

Cortez – His father-in-law is imprisoned in Colombia, though that hasn’t stopped his cartel’s activities.

Harry – Harry Stanton knows Liam is in Philadelphia.

The Rest Stop – There is video footage of Liam shooting out the tire of the green Civic.

Crime – Liam has been charged with Willful Destruction of Property and Obstruction of Justice. Reggie advised him to plead guilty on both counts. His bail has been posted, along with Zeek’s.


Lizards – There are lizard men everywhere. Most notably, inside Elijah Emerson.

The Stories So Far

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