Yash's notes about what happened during the Gala

known through personal exp:
-tall, muscular black man exuded calm and wonder, claimed to be Wall St exec
-Han spent time with him, couldnt remember what happened after party
-people engaged with me couldnt recognize me after midnight
-prob something in food/alc/cocaine
-roof appeared to be gone
-rain appeared to be falling
-no rain when exited
-suit was def wet
-on return, roof def there next day
-no noticeable way for roof to go away
-no news of what happened

known through liam:
-talk black guy (choc Adonis) walked around, touched people, elicited response of lust
-hazy red air ( he didnt eat/drink anything, so he’s good control)
-same experience as everyone else

Potential explanations:
-meta-material used give impression that roof wasn’t there? (check with Drexel biomat lab)
-collapsing apparatus used to spray water, simulate rain? (check with mechE lab)
-compound in food, meant to be activated by touch, group hallucination?

possible vectors/materials:
-skinborne bacteria/material that could be absorbed through skin? (no known species or compound small enough to go through and elicit response)
- consumed compound (confirmed unknown compound in stool)
-consumed compound activated with cocaine/alcohol (both increase stomach acid, would weaken not heighten response)
-airborne compound (confirmed unknown compound in throat, matches stool)

-religious symbolism? (man walking though crowd of sinners?)
-choc adonis reps Mannon?
-christian cults trying to undermine us, rhesus monkeys related?

Yash's notes about what happened during the Gala

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