The Good Guys

Chapter 7

The Sylvan Bank

Day 2 – 9

Before leaving Winterhaven, the group buys three large horses, spending most of their earnings from the keep’s treasure room (4,000 gold). They are left with a few gold pieces, two gems, and the crown.

On the road to the Sylvan Bank, Mournrysn, Kelron, and Waver are stopped by a small man. Waver talks with him for a while before realizing they’ve been surrounded. As the little guy runs away, Waver kills him with a fireball to the head. Mournrysn raises a circle of fire to protect them.

They are surrounded by six sickly humans who come out of the woods. They are followed by a beautiful red-headed warrior woman, Scathach, who demands a parlay with Mournrysn. She is upset that he killed her kin, Duke Halfhearst, by betraying him during parlay. Kelron recognizes her and tries to Turn her, to no effect. Mournrysn dismounts and dispels his fire. Yash tries to assert himself, but the warrior woman sees his effort and pushes him back. Scathach scolds him for his behavior, claiming he should have known better as a Fomorian. He tries to dissemble, blaming his education and poor judgment. She responds by threatening to burn House Calfryn down, if they are so uncivilized. Mournrysn shifts the blame back to himself, and Scathach happily adds his own life to the debt. Waver steps in, asking if he wouldn’t make a better slave than a corpse. Scathach agrees, changing the deal to merely killing House Calfryn and taking Mournrysn as her slave for three hundred years. Kelron tells her to stop.

Scathach looks at Kelron and tells him he has no business here. He offers a counterproposal: the three of them, as a group, would serve her faithfully and she would leave Mournrysn and his family unmolested. Scathach agrees, telling them that they would owe her three tasks. A messenger would arrive to deliver each task, and they could not avail themselves of anything she asked. She smiles widely, revealing inhuman teeth, and lays down her weapons. Mournrysn does the same, and they shake. She Withers the Fomorian’s hand and disappears, her retinue following suit.

The next day, they arrive at a roadside inn. Several treasure caravans are stabled there, but all are guarded. Inside, Waver scouts out a wealthy Elven prince deep in his cups. Charming as ever, the mage successfully sells his sapphire to the prince for 1,000 gold and joins him for another round of mead. Mournrysn sells Kelron’s emerald for 1,500 gold, taking a modest cut of the profit. The three of them drink with the prince for a while before taking their leave.

Once at the Sylvan Bank, the adventurers prepare for the security in the front lobby. All weapons and magical items must be kept in the lobby under guard, and any magical items being appraised must be sealed until appraised. Kelron and Mournrysn pass through safely, though Mournrysn’s energy is drained. Waver gets called into another room.

Without Waver, Mournrysn takes the crown to be appraised and sells it for 310,977 gold, investing the sum in several programs the Bank offers. Waver, meanwhile, is asked to sell his guns for any price he wants. He says fifty million gold, and they give him one hundred fifty million, delivered in a small cart of Bags of Holding. The bank supervisor assisting him loads the guns individually before taking them.

Mournrysn quickly invests Waver’s new fortune, setting himself up as Waver’s broker (and taking a meager 1% brokerage fee). Once they are financially secured, the trio heads back east to Dublin, much richer than they were the day before.


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