Daniel "Zeek" Smith

Candy-ass punk thief

Attributes Level
Strength 12
Dexterity 15
Intelligence 7
Health 10
Hit Points 12
Will 10
Perception 10
Fatigue Points 10
Basic Speed 6.25
Basic Move 6

Height: 6’1”
Weight: 180 lbs
Struggling, -1 on reaction rolls to the wealthy

Language: English

Wealth: Struggling, 30k annual salary
Status -1, for being lower class

Extra Attack
High Manual Dexterity (1)

Phantom Voices
Easy to Read

Skills Level
Escape 15
Fast Draw 16
Filch 16
Guns (Pistol) 17
Lockpicking 12
Melee Weapon (Knife) 17
Pickpocket 17
Sleight of Hand 14
Stealth 16
Acrobatics 14
Equipment Tech Level Weight
Large Knife x2 TL7 1
Auto Pistol 0.44M x2 TL7 3.25
0.44M ammo clip x14 TL7 8.4
Backpack, small TL7 3
Cell Phone TL7 17.5
Lockpicks TL7 0
Cigarette Lighter TL7 0
Electronic Lockpick TL7 3
Shotgun Mike TL7 2
Binoculars TL7 2
Leather Jacket TL7 4
Leather Pants TL7 3
Leather Gloves TL7 0
Cloth Cap TL7 0
Shoes TL7 2

Zeek had divorced parents and wasn’t very wealthy, but had enough to get by with some leeway, since both parents had always had stable jobs and divorced on good terms. The problem comes from being a adrenaline junky specifically for the thrill from stealing while also being completely incapable of lying. Having a family he kept going back to was only landing him in trouble constantly, and so for that reason, and also to “stop being a burden to his mom”, he dropped out of high school and left home to live on his own as a thief.

Being a weird, crazy, idiot living on the streets, he got into a lot of fights, so he stole some knives to defend himself. Learning the hard way that bringing knives to a gunfight wasn’t ideal, he stole some guns.

Since then, he’s done decently for himself, getting a crappy apartment and buying or stealing enough stuff to make money stealing.

Daniel "Zeek" Smith

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