Liam Desgones

Incompetent hacker with a shifty past

Attributes Level
Strength 7
Dexterity 11
Intelligence 15
Health 8
Hit Points 8
Will 17
Perception 17
Fatigue Points 8
Basic Speed 5.25
Basic Move 5

Height: 5’5”
Weight: 110 lbs

Talent (Mathematical Ability) (Accounting, Astronomy, Cryptography, Engineer, Finance, Market Analysis, Mathematics, Physics, Logic, Computer Operations) 4

Talent (Outdoorsman) (Camouflage, Fishing, Mimicry, Naturalist, Navigation, Survival, Tracking) 3

Signature Gear 1 (Laptop)


Easy to Read (-1 to Deception)
Fearfulness 3 (Will -3 for fright checks)
Guilt Complex
Killjoy (-1 reputation to fun people)
Low Empathy

Skills Level
Cryptography 18
Mathematics 18
Physics 17
Logic 18
Computer Operations 19
Camouflage 18
Navigation 18
Survival 20
Tracking 20
Guns (Pistol) 11
Shadowing 16
Research/TL8 15
Strategy 16
Tactics 16
Equipment Tech Level Weight Description
Backback, Frame 1 10 Holds 100 lb
Cigarette Lighter 6 0 Lights fire
Climbing Gear 2 4 Hammer, spikes, carabiners
Flashlight 6 1 30’ beam
Sleeping Bag, Insulated 7 15 +3 HT to resist freezing
Bug, Audio 7 0 -7 to spot, 1/4 mile range, transmits for one week
Bug Stomper 7 2 Jams bugs in a 10 yard radius for 8 hours

Liam Desgone was 21 years old when he graduated from BC with a degree in math and computer science. Liam thought he had finally figured out his life, and the truth is, he did. When he was finally going to graduate, Liam had made quite a life for himself. He had just got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Celeste “CC” Cortez, and was accepted into Carnegie-Mellon University’s graduate computer science program to pursue his dream of getting a doctorate. 3 years passed rather uneventfully, save for a tragic car accident that took the life of his mothers. During that time, CC and Liam got married and moved in together into a small house just outside Pittsburgh he inherited from his mothers. Tragedy struck during the fourth year.
Liam became obsessed with finding his wife. Liam turned to one of his mother’s oldest friends who happened to be an admiral in the Navy and proposed that the navy hire him to work as a field asset along side navy seals as a quasi bounty hunter. The idea being that while Liam helps the military he could use their resources to track down his wife. While at first the idea seemed ridiculous, Liam displayed a unique aptitude for tracking down wanted men and women the US military otherwise couldn’t. Liam is a complete secret from the public eye, and he has been involved in a number of missions high up whether by assignment or by his own choice as was the case when he helped to locate [REDACTED] by conducting his own investigation. Liam is no soldier, but he is often deployed alongside various seal teams to run intense recon and various other tasks. Liam avoids combat instead using his mechanical and technical skills to set up traps and bypass security. Liam resorts to wit in order to defeat his opponents.

Liam Desgones

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