The Dragon

Attributes Level
Strength 30
Dexterity 14
Intelligence 18
Health 15
Hit Points 40
Will 18
Perception 18
Fatigue Points 15
Basic Speed 7.25
Basic Move 6

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Language: Draconic (Native), Common (Native)

Claws, Talons (Feet)
Claws, Talons (Hands)
Damage Resistance 7
Enhanced Move (Air) 1.5
Innate Attack (Burn) 3d
Teeth, Fangs
High Pain Threshold
Nictitating Membrane 2
Night Vision 9
Temperature Tolerance 6

Increased Consumption
Bad Grip 2

Spells and Skills Level Duration Cost Time to Cast Spell Description or Explanation College
Innate Attack (Breath) 14
Enthrall 21 1 hour 3 S I The caster tells an enthralling tale. Anyone within earshot who knows the language and pays attention falls under the spell, resisting with Will. An hour of real time passes, but the victims notice only a minute slipping by. Anyone who resists will perceive the caster and his victims as paralyzed, although prolonged examination will reveal they are moving, very slowly. Any subject that is attacked or shaken breaks free of the spell (in the latter case, the victim gets an extra resistance roll for every second that he’s disturbed). Mind Control
Daze 21 1 minute 3 2S 2 seconds The subject looks and acts normal, but does not notice what is going on around him, or remember it later. A dazed guard stands quietly while a thief walks past! Any injury, or successful resistance to a spell, causes the subject to snap out of the daze and return to full alert status. Mind Control
Forgetfulness 21 1 hour 3 S 10 seconds Causes the subject to forget one fact, skill, or spell temporarily. The skill or spell cannot be used while Forgetfulness is in effect. If (for instance) a forgotten spell is a prerequisite for other spells, the other spells can still be used, at -2 to skill. Mind Control
Foolishness 21 1 minute 1-5 .5S I The subject suffers -1 to his IQ and IQ-based skills (including spells) for every point of energy put into the spell. The GM may also require an IQ roll to remember complex things while under the influence of this spell. Mind Control
Slow 21 10 seconds 5 4S 3 seconds Slows down the subject a great deal; in effect, the subject has one level of Decreased Time Rate for the duration of the spell. Movement
Haste 21 1 minute 2 per point improved .5S 2 seconds Increases the subject’s Move and Dodge scores by up to 3. Movement
Hinder 21 1 minute 1-4 S I The subject is at -1 to his Move and Dodge scores for every point of energy put into the spell. Movement
Body of Flames 21 1 minute 12 4S 5 seconds Subject gains the Body of Fire meta-trait (p. B262) for the duration of the spell. Clothes (up to 6 pounds) also become fire, but lose any magic powers they might have had. He can carry nothing while in this form. Fire
Breathe Fire 21 1 second 1-4 2 seconds Similar to Flame Jet, except that the flame issues from the caster’s mouth, Breathe Fire cannot be maintained, and each energy point buys 1d+1 damage instead of 1d. Caster rolls to hit against DX-2 or Innate Attack skill. This counts as an action; the caster must be facing the target. No hand gestures are required to cast this spell; certain lip and tongue motions are made instead. Thus, Breathe Fire can be cast “no hands” at any level of skill. Fire
Flame Jet 21 1 second 1-3 S I Shoot a jet of flame from one fist. Each turn, the caster rolls versus DX4 or Innate Attack skill to hit, and rolls for damage if he hits. This attack may be dodged or blocked, but not parried. Treat it as a hand weapon – a flaming sword without the sword – but it cannot parry! This is a wonderfully flashy spell, good for magic shows, melee combat, burning through ropes, etc. The caster may cast the spell as many times as he has hands and have a Flame Jet in each hand; a Flame Jet held in the caster’s “off” hand suffers the usual -4 penalty to hit. Fire
Create Fire 21 1 minute 2 .5S I Fills the area of effect with fire that requires no fuel (if cast in midair, it produces a sphere of flame, which falls to the ground). This is real fire, and will eventually ignite any flammable objects it touches. Cannot be cast within rock, foes, etc. Fire
Shape Fire 21 1 minute 2 .5S I Control the shape of any flame. Each shape change requires a second of concentration. Once shaped, the flame keeps that shape until the spell expires, without concentration. Moving a flame requires constant concentration (the flame moves at Move 5, on the caster’s turn). A natural fire cannot move to a place that it can’t burn, but flame made with the Create Fire spell needs no fuel and can move almost anywhere. Flame shaped with this spell normally retains its volume. If the fire is “spread out” across twice its original area, it only does half damage; if spread across three times its original area, it does 1/3 damage; and so on. Fire
Resist Fire 21 1 minute 2 1S I The subject (person, creature, or object) and anything he carries become immune to the effects of heat and fire (but not electricity). Fire
Fireproof 21 1 day 3, 6 gives a -10 to magical attempts to light fires and ressts all heat less than star-heat. S 5 minutes Prevents ignition of fires within the affected area: matches won’t light, flint won’t make sparks, and so on. Does not extinguish a fire brought in from outside the spell’s area, although such a fire would fail to ignite anything else. Useful anywhere that fire is a hazard (as in a gunpowder factory, for example). Any magical attempt to light a fire is at -5 to skill. This spell doesn’t resist really intense heat (as from lava or battle lasers), but it does stop guns from working! Fire
Extinguish Fire 21 Once out, a fire stays out 3 I Puts out all ordinary and magical fires in its area of effect. Has no effect on materials that are intrinsically superheated – molten steel, lava, plasma, etc. Fire
Ignite Fire 21 1 second 1-4 S I Produces a single spot of heat, and is used to set fire to a readily flammable object. It works best on paper and cloth, and will not affect any item that would not burn in an ordinary fire. In particular, it will not set fire to a living being! Once ignited, the fire burns normally. Fire


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