The Good Guys

Chapter 12


Day 435 – 436

The prisoner reveals himself as Fionn Mac Cumhail, ancient Legend of Mithryn. This is the man who nearly single-handedly brought down the great Fomorian Empire, and he seems to be imprisoned by simple Dublin irons.

Yash recalls that Fionn could know anything he wished as long as he knew what question to ask. Using this, the group asks Fionn a small litany of questions to try and understand what’s been going on. The Legend feeds on surrounding humanoids’ life essences; he enjoys being in Dublin; Titania wants his power, which she intends to gain by mating with him; “Miranda” was sent to infiltrate Waver’s court by Permathrax, a dragon working for the Sylvan Bank. Mournrysn is sent away to keep Mac Cumhail talking, his distaste for the Fomorian evident. Liam asks where CC is, and Fionn offers to tell him in exchange for the answer to a question he finds he can’t answer: how to get to Earth.

Royal medics arrive to take care of the sickly prisoners, but don’t seem to notice Fionn chained up. The three convene a small council meeting to discuss defensive measures in light of the impending Seelie incursion. During which, however, an explosion rocks the city. It originated in the combat wing of Waver’s University, but Waver quickly determines it was not a magical accident. Mournrysn admits he used some of Yash’s advanced chemical knowledge to create dynamite for the Royal Mining Company. With that in mind, the government sets about defending Dublin’s borders and protecting its citizenry from internal attacks.


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