The Good Guys

Chapter 16

The Dragon and the Spider

Day 442 – 443

Kelron and Mournrysn decide to camp outside the cave entrance, waiting for Waver to signal them, while agreeing to go after Permathrax by themselves if their king didn’t show up by nightfall.

Waver, meanwhile, finds himself in an enclosed dome-shaped cave. The floor is heaped with gems and jewels. He quickly discovers the presence of two creatures trapped with him: Mother Winter, Mab’s mother, and her pet giant spider. Mother Winter is trying to cut an escape out of the stone with an enchanted cleaver, and ties to distract Waver with small talk and ramblings while the spider creeps up on him.

There’s no sign of the king by the time the sun begins to set, so Mournrysn and Kelron delve into the cave. They find clear signs of the dragon’s anger (including a preserved skull of a humanoid creature Mournrysn collects). At the end of the long cavern, they find the dragon himself sleeping on a mountain of gold and treasure. Mournrysn disguises himself and reconnoiters the cavern while Kelron tries to climb the gold mountain. The god fails and wakes Permathrax, but before the dragon can use his deadly breath, Mournrysn Withers first his wing, then his hind leg, effectively immobilizing the beast. Permathrax bites Kelron, chewing him up as the Fomorian magically bypasses the dragon’s thick natural armor. Kelron futilely tries to break free of the dragon’s maw and join in the attack. Permathrax casts Body of Flame, transforming into a massive magical construct of pure fire. Mournrysn finally kills the dragon by Creating Water and converting most of the dragon’s body to pure steam.

Waver realizes Mother Winter’s obvious ploy and dodges the spider’s sneak attack, but the spider returns the favor by dodging his Fireball. Waver flies up to the center of the cave, betting that the spider won’t be able to reach him. While in midair, the king manages to evade the spider’s webbing, but is surprised when it jumps up to stab a him with its razor sharp legs. Impaled on one of those legs, Waver uses the opportunity to deliver a Fireball right to the spider’s face, blinding four of its eyes. It hisses and lets him go. It leaves him unmolested as the king recovers his energy and teleports back to the meeting place. He goes into the cave to find his friends victorious, the Dragon’s Eye pried out of Permathrax’s skull. A quick analysis of the gem finds it to be highly magical: whoever holds the gem has dominance over any dragon.

They wait for Scathach to appear. She doesn’t. But as midnight rolls around and her oath doesn’t take hold, they realize she will collect the gem when she is ready.


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