The Good Guys

Chapter 17

The Lady Aoife

Day 443 – 450

Kelron, Mournrysn, and Waver loot Permathrax’s hoard, each of them finding some valuable magic items. Waver opens a gate to Dublin and brings a treasure caravan through with instructions to bring the hoard and the corpse back to the castle.

After arriving in Dublin, the three go down to the Black Pit to investigate Mournrysn’s circle. In it, they find the Lady Aoife and a beaten Puck. Fionn Mac Cumhaill seems unharmed; calm, even, considering the other Legend’s presence. Aoife does not respond to attempts to communicate, and Mournrysn figures out her plan: if Puck dies within the binding circle, the release of energy could reverse the circle’s power, reverting it back into a powerful summoning circle. As Puck’s life drips away, his death hastened by Fionn’s unconscious feeding, Mournrysn pumps energy into the circle, strengthening it. With so much extra energy bound in the circle, the likelihood of it flipping is small, but whatever demon it summons would be that much more powerful.

Puck dies, but the circle holds. Deflated, Aoife finally opens up to Waver’s questions. The king is surprised to find her relatively kind, as well as speaking with Earth aphorisms. She claims to not be a Child of Earth but to have several in her employ. She gained Fionn’s location from Puck; the reason she came to Dublin was to speak with Fionn. She would like to leave, and Fionn would like to leave with her. Further, Aoife claims that her undead army will turn towards Dublin and attempt to free her if she is still imprisoned once the Sylvan Forest falls. However, if she is freed, the army will leave Dublin unmolested until the end of time. Waver has Mournrysn drop the circle’s binding and allow the two Legends to leave.

Later, the three find Scathach in the throne room. They deliver the Dragon’s Eye to her, and she gives them their second assignment: kill her sister, Aoife of the Shadows.


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